St Barbara’s celebrations

An atmosphere of festivity meets visitors throughout the first week of December when Coltura celebrates St Barbara (Dec.4th), patron saint of artillerymen, artificers, fire fighters and miners. High Mass is celebrated in St LawrencÈs Church and the effigy of the Saint is taken in procession around the village. There are always games for children, a brass band and stalls with hot spicy wine and treats.

The Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso Santa Barbara has a relevant role in the organisation of the event. The association, created in 1907 with the purpose of supporting workers in difficulties, has now a new executive council and a statute tailored to modern times. The live concert they organize for the occasion, with arias from famous operas and traditional songs, has become an appointment not to be missed.


Società Operaia Santa Barbara di Coltura di Polcenigo
Piazza Fontana, 2
33070 Polcenigo (PN)
Cell. 333.7215780