Exhibition of Nativity Scenes

In December, the ancient medieval village of Polcenigo hosts the Exhibition of Nativity Scenes.

More than 100 Cribs and Nativity Scenes on the windowsills are exposed along the streets and alleys in the historical centre; in gardens, courtyards, and in every peculiar spot of the village, the Nativity Scenes decorate the artistic and architectural historical heritage of the ancient Medieval Village of Polcenigo.

The decorations made of wicker are worth mentioning, pursuing the tradition of local basket weavers and the traditional costumes; the local nobility exhibit their precious embellished dresses, and the artisans, ordinary people, wear poor clothes.

All Nativity Scenes and Cribs can be visited all day during the whole period of the exhibition. We heartily recommend you visit the Exhibition at sunset, when the lights and some subtle music spread in the streets of the historical centre.