Sagra dei thest

The traditional Sagra dei Thést, the typical Festival of wicker baskets held in Polcenigo every first weekend of September. Every year thousands of visitors gather in the town square to admire and buy loads of typical handmade local products, made of osier, rush, wood, ceramic, leather. It is also a great opportunity to live through the old crafts again and taste typical delicious products from the mountain huts.

The festival engages the whole area of the historical centre and, exclusively on this occasion, concerts and laboratories are held in the unique gardens and courtyards of the historical palaces that are normally closed. All local voluntary associations, schools and young people play a central role in the Festival.

This year, the 343rd edition of the Festival will promote several cultural and recreational initiatives: plays, concerts, travelling music shows and promotion of typical local arts and crafts and traditional agrifood products.

The square, the streets and alleys and the courtyards will host a great variety of artisans who will through us back to the old crafts. They will all expose their handmade excellent products and you will also have the chance to admire their skills and talent handling wicker, rush, wood, ceramic.

This edition will present once again the Mostra Mercato of “Formai de Malga” (Market Exhibition of “Cheese from the mountain huts”) to boost these typical delicious products. A special dedicated street will be set as the “Via del formai de malga e dei prodotti agroalimentari tipici” (in dialect, “Street of mountain cheese and typical agrifood products”). There will be various stands, explaining and offering a taste of the tradition of local dairy products and other typical products of the area, such as cured meats, patina (a typical salami), honey, oil and wine.

You will find different “itineraries” that will guide you through the numerous components of the Festival:

  • the square: craftsmen weaving wicker and rush baskets
  • the villas: various musical genres (concerts of classical music, opera, jazz) take place in the historical centre, in the villas, palaces and their courtyards;
  • the cortivon (the area located behind the town hall): cinema shows, theatre plays and popular music;
  • the street of mountain cheese and typical agrifood products of the Pedemontana Pordenonese area (via del Formai de malga e dei prodotti agroalimentari tipici);
  • the section of the arts and crafts and popular traditions;
  • the street of the artistic craftsmanship;
  • a basket of games and animations and/or games for children;
  • guided tours in the mills and most characteristic places of Polcenigo (Land Art piece of arts at the pile-dwelling site of Palù di Livenza thanks to Humus Park 2016, Churches of the area, San Floriano Park, Sorgenti Gorgazzo (Gorgazzo springwaters), Località Santissima).

Many artisans and farmers enshrine the art of basket weaving since the 15th century. As soon as they had a break from work, they would carefully apply themselves to weaving. This Festival focuses on the enhancement and promotion of this ancient art and draws thousands of people from the whole area of Triveneto (North-Eastern Italy), as it is such a unique specialized market in the territory. As per its artist and cultural value, this Festival and all the various musical and theatrical initiatives aim at attracting more and more visitors from all over the world and engaging them in music, theatre and literature.

It is vital that we keep maintaining our arts, our traditions and our cultural heritage, that otherwise future generations would not appreciate and preserve.

The second goal of the Festival is to promote our local typical products and place them on the market.

All visitors can fully appreciate all the amenities and hidden stunning places of Polcenigo on a especially organized guided tour, which will let you admire the historical centre, San Floriano Park, the Santissima and Gorgazzo areas and the pile-dwelling site of Palù di Livenza, UNESCO World Heritage since 2011.


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